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Vancouver Island Wedding Photographer // Location Scouting

I woke up yesterday morning with this strong desire to go location scouting. Each couple is different, some know exactly where they want there engagement photos – other not so sure. ¬†I always like to have a few spots in mind just in case ūüôā

Yesterday I went to Westwood Lake, Nanaimo. I have had a few sessions here previously, but this lake is hu-mun-go so I was curious to check out a few other little spots. Many of us, if not all of us, have instagram! (you can follow me @sabrinapatrice_ ¬†for all my wedding + cat updates)… anyway, I was trying to snap “a photo” of myself at Westwood for Instagram. I hope I am not alone when I say that generally for every 40 photos we take on our iphones, we use 1… maybe 2…. kinda like this… (embarrassing!)



So as I was on my 33rd, maybe 34th try… for my perfect photo… just as I looked up from my little screen I could see in the distance a Vancouver Island Paramedic approaching me. I had seen his bright red ambulance parked about 100 meters away from me earlier, figured he was just on lunch. I was actually grateful to see him parked there, funny how just knowing people like that are in the area, makes you feel safer.

“I have been noticing you trying to take a photo of yourself for the past 10 minutes, need some help?!” I wasent to sure what to do at this point. Option 1, thank the kind stranger. Option 2, crawl under a rock from pure embarrassment. ¬†I opted for option 1. ¬†After sharing a laugh over how ridiculous I must have looked and explaning I was a Wedding Photographer trying to capture a photo for my blog, Bob proceeded to create his own photoshoot with my iphone and myself as the subject. He assured me his two teenage daughters have made him very aware of iphones portraits.

I have to say this made my day, I laughed threw the whole thing. What was the best is how unexpected certain interactions with people can be, yet how when people just show genuine kindness (even though I must have looked a little crazy snapping photos of myself …all alone…) funny moments and memories are made. One of my favorite memories scouting for locations, hands down.


This is Bob, my unexpected second shooter, and I. ¬†FYI Please forgive my b-e-a-u-tiful hair – it was pouring rain that afternoon. Another reason why I thought it was so humorous/kind that Bob got out of his warm ambulance to help me with my photos for this blog post!¬†Bob’s friend Michael, who was in the ambulance with him captured this photo of us. Michael told me about his sweet wife Robin and their recent wedding.

photo 3-1


This is my favourite of the ones he captured for me… ha.ha. Very artistic!photo 2


Thank you Bob and Michael for providing me with a laugh!

All that effort… for this one below Instagram photo. The photo may not be anything special but the memory was something that made my day!

Vancouver Island Wedding Photographer // Iphone Photos

Hi All!

I have been doing a few engagement/bridal posts back to back this week so I thought I should add a few personal iphone pictures to spice this puppy up a bit! Here is my world according to my iphone these past few days!

This is my husband Cody and his friend Steve (Cody is on the right, making the oh so sexy face! ha. ha) We were at a going away party for our friends who left for 9 months in Panama! #jealous


This is Caitlin (Steve’s fiance!) #ohlala) and myself at the same party! If you¬†click here¬†“Steve + Caitlin” you¬†will find this¬†gorgeous couples engagement photos done by yours truly. Apparently Cody + I have a knack for beautiful photo faces?… one of the many reasons I am best behind the camera!


Cody + myself  (been married one year as of March 10, 2013! #yayus)



I am newly in love with the colour pink – not just any pink, apparently HOT pink.

Those brown shoes are Cody’s,¬†I prefer TOMS.


And finally… to melt your heart….well this melted mine at least. #eachtotheirown.¬† My little hurley + his dad.

I have to say this was taken during the Stanley¬†Cup FINALS…¬†clearly he wasent very entertained at the time! ūüėȬ†


For me, the memories that I look back on with the most fondness… always¬†include open mouth laughter!….#goodtimes. ¬†(Told ya I’m into pink these days! One year ago I’d never be caught in that dress!!)…