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Vancouver Island Wedding Photographer // Sabrina Patrice Photography // Racheal + Simon Engagement

It was a gorgeous day when i met up with Simon + Racheal for our shoot together… sun shining, clear sky… except for the one little fact that it was so, so cold!! Freezing really! We planned an outdoor engagement shoot + so this presented the challenge of simply staying warm! I loved seeing these two interact… Simon always reaching for Racheal’s hands every chance he could to keep his girl warm + Racheal remaining right by his side. I felt pretty special to be the one capturing such genuine moments.  Here is a little glimpse into our day together…


love life, Sabrina Patrice


Vancouver Island Wedding Photography // Costa Rica Photoshoot // Christina + Sean // Surfers in love

During our time spent travelling in Costa Rica, Cody + i met some amazing… AMAZING, people. Two of them being Christina + Sean. These two are so incredible, calling San Diego home, this fireman + photography loving couple set aside a year of their lives to spend volunteering in this jungle paradise. After 8 years of marriage, Sean, the perfect gentlemen, opens the door for his lady + treats her with continued love + respect. Christina, one of the kindest people we met on our journey, simply adores him in return… together they truly do love life. Sharing a love (+ talent!!) of surfing, when they have a free afternoon you can find these two surfing the waves of Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.


love life, Sabrina Patrice

Vancouver Island Wedding Photographer / all good things are wild + free

As the days come to an end on our 3 month Costa Rican adventure, i must say i am really excited to come home. A few reasons being…

1. showers with hot water (my mother in law asked how we shower with freezing water! my response was ‘extremely quickly!!!!’)

2. a home without scorpions + cockroaches (just the other day Cody poured a bowl of Special K cereal to find a family of roaches pour out with it… not so special!!)

3. for this Wedding Season to begin! (eeeeeee going to be ah.mazing. love my brides!)

With this said, i will miss the adventures of being a temporary resident in a beautiful foreign area. Travelling with my best friend, seeing + eating new things + the unpredictably of each day really is refreshing, something so out of the norm.

Like the other day … as Cody + i were travelling out of town with some friends, we just happened to stumble upon fully grown tigers being transferred to a safe new home in Panama. 2 stunningly white + 8 bright orange… all 10 with the most piercing green eyes. We were in awe as we admired one of the most powerful + beautiful animals!


Meet Tony. The Tiger… naturally. We became comfortable enough with each other for a semi high five… (‘comfortable’ may be a stretch…)


Amazing days + experiences like this help me to remember the truth of the expression ‘all good things are wild + free’…


love life. sabrina patrice

Vancouver Island Wedding Photographer // Destination Photographer – Costa Rica // Danny + Jordan

Danny + Jordan. Husband + Wife. Two incredible people.

Calling Texas home, Danny + Jordan were visiting Costa Rica with Danny’s family over the Winter Holidays. I met these two at a local coffee house on the top of Manuel Antonio, a little surfing town here in Costa Rica. Danny is a 6th grade school teacher + Jordan works with Blackbox Strength & Conditioning Gym. After visiting for a few moments, Cody + i knew capturing their love would be amazing… 5 years of marriage never looked so good.


love life. sabrina patrice  What makes these two even more special? They are parents to an adorable little boy, Maxwell.Jordan + Danny… Wishing your beautiful family nothing but the best, it was so wonderful to meet you both.     

Vancouver Island Wedding Photography // Sabrina Patrice Photography 2013

2013. A wonderful year.

I wanted to put together a little collection of wedding favourites… plus a few images from some special sessions.

I am so grateful for all the wonderful people i met this year, its been an adventure!


2014… to be continued!

love life, sabrina patrice